People wish

“People wish to be settled: only as far as they are unsettled is there any hope for them.”Ralph Waldo Emerson

Paul Prieto

Paul was an engineer and has founded a startup who sells expensive coffee filters in California.


Paul wishes he was a Policeman

It’s a dream he had as a kid, and he never ceased to dream about it. He’s never told anyone since he’s 12, because he thinks his friends will find him stupid. But Paul thinks policemen are heros. He want to protect people in a uniform, too.

Paul thinks that if he was a policeman, he would have to dye his hair dark, because he’s afraid people won’t take him seriously with a rad mustache.

On Sundays, Paul reads poetry about policemen.

Goodbye boys in blue

What is that wonderful sound
It’s coming from the cemetery ground
Sounds like bagpipes from a military tattoo
A large number of people gathered wearing blueIt’s a police funeral conducted in a military fashion
Marching in line with pride and passion
They are saying goodbye to their fallen comrade
All performed with the precision of a military paradeAn observer cannot feel anything but proud
To have touched the life of the person in the funeral shroud
To give your life in such a way
Heroic to the end, the supreme price to payThe dedication of the boys in blue
To sacrifice their lives for you
They are eternally in your debt
The sacrifice, you do not regret

Glynn Withey

Paul is cool. You’d love Paul.

Dana K. Paddock

Dana is a graphic designer who loves to draw pink unicorns but is never asked to.


Dana wishes she was a doctor

She doesn’t want to practice and have patients to cure, she only wants to write her own prescriptions. She hates going to the PhD and she knows perfectly what medication to take. Don’t worry, she would write yours, too.

Dana thinks doctors should at least sell the drugs too, even if she admits that could  degenerate fast. 

Every Wednesday, Dana watches outdated zombie movies.

Just never pick Dana for your bowling team.

Augusta Cremonesi

Augusta lives in Rome and invents new ways for bakers to sell bread and candies.


Augusta wishes she was Ms Moneypenny

She’s 19 and lives in Rome, but she dreams about living on the London fog, being Miss Moneypenny and prepare tea and flirt with James Bond.

Augusta fantasize about England but she’s never been yet. She says she’s going to start gymnastic and be in the Italian team for the next games in London, when they return.

Hilaire Cousteau

Every friday, Hilaire vows to work on his carreer shift, but never does.


Hilaire wishes he was a famous cool guy

He’s already a cool guy, but no one including him knows.

Hilaire thinks success comes with the proper rockstar haircut. He knows he will never dare to cut his hair, so he knows he will never be famous.

Paul is cool. You’d love Paul.

Catherine Brasseur

Catherine provides advices for business travellers to optimize their spendings.


Catherine wishes she was flying

Oh she doesn’t want to be a pilot, she’s bored driving her car already. But she always admired flight attendents, their smile and availability. She fantasize about their lifstyle, she’s watched “Catch me if you can” a dozen of times and she’s bought a vintage flight attendant suitcase fro a Pan Am sale on the seb

Catherine thinks this is in her DNA, that they would give her a position after one day of training. Of course, they wouldn’t. She’s not tall enought to work in a plane and she doesn’t know.

When she walks on a sunny day, she sings this:

I cannot live
peacefully without you
for even a moment
I miss you terribly when you're away
he's away
this ain't right
I'm alone
I'm taking an aeroplane
across the world to

Bjork, Aeroplane 

What you don’t know is Catherine is so good at math she would be a great student pilot.

Eija Sutinen

Eija has a family business and want to disrupt the bees keepers and honey making world.

We don’t know yet what Eija wishes she was.

František Dostál

František has spent his life working for NGOs accounting in South America.

We don’t know yet what František wishes he was.

Bryan J. Johnson

Bryan has his father firstname, car, card collecting business and anxieties.

We don’t know yet what Bryan wishes he was.

Bobbie R. Smith

Bobbie spends most of her time cooking for her family of 12! She secretly writes, too.

We don’t know yet what Bobby wishes she was.

Tiago Santos Souza

Tiago is called Titi by his friends in Brazil. In USA, he’s Mister Computer Security.

We don’t know yet what Tiago wishes he was.